Friday, April 18, 2014

@Amazon Makes No Sense

I ordered a package from and checked my post office box as the shipping destination. What should have only taken 2 days to ship has turned into an 8 day shipping originally and no down to 7 days.

But it makes no damn sense. The package is only 1.2 pounds. Amazon mailed it to the FedEx location in Kansas City, who then shipped it to the FedEx location in Chicago, Illinois, who then shipped it to the FedEx location in Moline, Illinois, who then shipped it to hopefully my post office box.

If Amazon mailed it to the FedEx location in Kansas City, why in the hell didn't they just ship it to my post office? Stupid people! No wonder this world is all messed up. More than likely some bonehead did it because some computer told them too and can't think for themselves. You know it had to cost Amazon a hell of a lot more to go the route they are going that it would have to mailed it to me in the first place.

Things like this just make you want to pull your hair out. Ughhhhh.

Oh well on to more important things in life.


New System Based On Acer Iconia W3-810 Tablet

On Sunday April 13th, 2014 the power from my not so great electric Co-Op REC, powered on and off several times with in a very short period of time after being out long enough to drain my UPS. As a result of the power on/off/on/off/ etc my power supply died in my 11+yr old system.

So as a result my new temporary (I hope) system is all based on my freebie Acer Iconia W3-810 tablet running Windows 8.1. I have my keyboard, wireless mouse, flatbed scanner, bank of hard drives, and other USB devices connected to it. I also have on order a micro HDMI to VGA adapter so I can connect it to my 19" Monitor. The amazing part is the tablet has more computing power than the old system did.

I was resistant to Windows 8.1 at first, but as the days go by, I am starting to actually like it quite a lot to my surprise especially with the latest update.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Amazon Needs to Quit Using FedEx (@Amazon @FedEx @UPS)

Once again FedEx proves who is the better courier service, and it sure as hell isn't them.

I ordered two items from Amazon, one on Monday, and the other on Tuesday. Both were ordered using Prime. The one ordered Monday was to be delivered by Tuesday at 8pm according to a text from Amazon, and the one ordered Tuesday was to be delivered by Thursday according to a second text.

The one Monday was to be sent to the Post Office, and the one Tuesday to the house. Well guess what, come Tuesday, the one ordered on Monday wasn't here yet. So I went to Amazon and clicked track package and found out it was to be delivered to the post office via FedEx and it gave a FedEx tracking number. So I went to FedEx site and entered the tracking number, and it told me estimated delivery date is Wednesday April 23rd! 8 days instead of the 3-5 days. So much for Amazon Prime shipping! This is not the first time either. I have yet to date ever received a package on the delivery date that was shipped by FedEx, every single fucking time it has been late! Everytime!

UPS on the other hand has for the most part always been on time, and usually early as in this case. The package ordered on Tuesday, was delivered on Wednesday by UPS, a day early! FedEx could take a big ass lesson from UPS.

I wonder how much customer service headache and  money FedEx has caused Amazon, by not delivering packages on time?

My advice to you Amazon is to use USPS & UPS and tell FedEx to take a giant fucking leap!